Emily Schalk is the director of professional development and communications at a non-profit in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati in 2009 and her master’s degree in English from Northern Kentucky University in 2020. She also has a Certificate in Creative Writing.

She began her professional career as a high school English teacher. Emily has also worked as a high school college and career-readiness advisor at Northern Kentucky University.

Outside of her day job, Emily enjoys reading and writing poetry and creative nonfiction. She also enjoys exploring new coffee shops, book stores, and art museums whenever given the chance. Emily lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, two dogs, one cat (that thinks she’s a dog), and an assortment of fish. She’s expecting her first child (a boy!) in May 2021. She is both elated and terrified by this. 

This website is meant to be a collection of random thoughts, writing, and creative endeavors. Not in that particular order.  

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