Spread the beauty! Inspire others with this free download.

Lately, I’ve been feeling straight-up wompy about life. It’s a combination of the weather, negativity from news outlets, missing friends, and some other personal life-things.


Flashback to a couple weeks ago when I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed.  I was rolling my eyes at yet another politically-fueled hate post when I came across a photo posted by my friend Jenny. In the comments, she wrote:

“Politics and the media make the world seem like a terrifying/dangerous place and the kids and I have been having some good conversations about reality vs perception. My life experience is one of mostly good if not downright awesome. Trying to spread the love during this election year especially. The world is still good no matter what happens in November!”

What a great and simple way to spread a bit of encouragement! Feeling inspired, I  stole  borrowed Jenny’s idea.  I quickly made my own version and posted it on the college campus where I work. Two weeks later, all except four pieces had been taken. This filled me with so much unexpected joy that I thought, “Why not see if others want in on the action?”

So, I’ve got a PDF version for you to download. You can download the one I made with my own moments of beauty. OR you can write in your own. Just print it out, cut along the lines, and put it somewhere! If you do, make sure to share a picture with me in the comments.

Download the original HERE.
Download the blank version HERE.

And, remember, life is beautiful. And so are you.

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Writer. Educator. Puppy & kitty mama. Soon to be (human) boy mama. Compassionate to a fault. Avid ampersand & alliteration admirer.

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