An introduction.


Hello and welcome to the writing blog and portfolio website of Emily Abigail Krugh (pronounced crew’).  Here are some things you should probably know about me in order to understand my writing perspective a bit better.

  1. I’m 29 years old and live in a tiny white house with blue trim near downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. My home was built in 1890 and is the perfect size for me, my pup Harper, and my cat Basil. It has a little fenced-in backyard which (much to my chagrin) Harper hates. I’m not sure if it’s the grass or the fact that she’s just a city pup. Either way, I can often be heard coaxing her into the yard in the early morning and begging her to ‘man up and go to the potty’.
  2. I’m a serial monogamous. This has resulted in a lot of …intriguing…dating ventures. I often write about those ventures. Some might even want to label me boy-crazy. I would neither confirm nor deny this statement. However, I have been called the T. Swift of fiction writing. I’ll let you chew on that for a minute.
  3. My background and current day job is in the education realm. I taught high school English for three years at a local charter school. That was eye-opening. Currently, I’m an educational advisor at a local university. I enjoy what I do.
  4. I’m also a graduate student working toward my masters in English. I’d love to teach at the college level some day.
  5. I’ve never been published. I hope to do that someday. I’ve actually hardly completed any pieces of writing aside from a few short stories and non-fiction pieces. I’m hoping that this website will push me to do so.
  6. Other things I enjoy (in no particular order): scarf weather, driving in the country with the windows down, the month of October, coffee shop-book store combos, Instagram, my handful of truly good friends.

That sums it up. Just about. Come back and visit me every so often. I’m just getting started.

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Writer. Educator. Puppy & kitty mama. Soon to be (human) boy mama. Compassionate to a fault. Avid ampersand & alliteration admirer.

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